Roofing sheets

Ruukki’s first-class steel roofs have protected homes for over 50 years. Their durability, quality and sustainable advantages are unchallenged. From our wide selection of colours, coatings and styles you will definitely find the perfect option for your home, whether it be modern, traditional or something else.

Our roofing sheets are categorized in three different sections: standing seam roofs, tile sheet roofs and profiled sheet roofs. 

Patented BT coating technology

In many of our products we use GreenCoat colour coated steel. GreenCoat is Bio-based Technology (BT) coating where a substantial portion of traditional fossil oil is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil. GreenCoat products are highly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation as well as scratches. They provide builders with a lightweight material that is easy to work with even down to -15°C.

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Roofing sheet offering

  • Tile sheet roofs

  • Standing seam roofs

  • Profiled sheet roofs

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Classic Silence

Classic C Silence is a specialised version of Classic C for demanding customers who want only the best

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Ruukki Adamante - Style is all that counts

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Classic C

Classic C brings elegant look and unique performance in Quality Classes Ruukki 50 Plus and Ruukki 40

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Classic D

Ruukki Classic D - a high-class steel roof with unique look.

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Decorrey Grand

Decorrey Grand with higher profile keeps the best quality from Ruukki for very reasonable price.

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Finnera - the most intelligent roof ever seen

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Ruukki Monterrey is our most popular model of tile roofing sheets.

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Monterrey FEB Forma

Ruukki Monterrey one of our most popular tile sheets roof

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Profiled sheet T20-29W-1095

T20 provides a straight lined solution for versatile roofing needs

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Ruukki Hyygge

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