Roof renovation made easy with Ruukki

When you are in need of a new roof, a Ruukki roof package is the obvious solution. Our Finnish-made steel roofs are known for their durability; every year over 40 000 customers choose a Ruukki roof. Our warranties guarantee the high quality for decades.

Choose our installation service and you can be sure that your new roof is installed by the book. Our professionals can help you with every step from planning to installation, resulting in the perfect roof package for you and your home.

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Why Ruukki

50-year quality warranty 

Ruukki quality classes make it easier to choose the right roof. Our selection provides the perfect option for any kind of building, use and need. The quality class guarantees the origin, quality and durability of the product and defines its technical warranty period.


Patented BT coating technology 

In many of our products we use GreenCoat colour coated steel. GreenCoat is Bio-based Technology (BT) coating where a substantial portion of traditional fossil oil is replaced by Swedish rapeseed oil. GreenCoat products are highly resistant to corrosion, UV radiation as well as scratches. They provide builders with a lightweight material that is easy to work with even down to -15°C.

Professional installation

Our roofing package truly covers it all: we can even deliver and install your new roof. Our professionals install your roof with the best possible practices–and it only takes a few days. We’re with you all the way from initial planning to installation. Leave the responsibilities to us and enjoy the easiest renovation of your life.

First-class products

Ruukki has manufactured roofs in Finland for more than 50 years. We are constantly developing our products and services to create the best possible experience for you. All our products are best in quality; durable, reliable and CE marked.

Renowned compatibility 

Construction professionals know the quality of our roofs; almost every prefabricated home has a Ruukki roof. Easy installation and product compatibility make Ruukki a good choice for any house project.

Light but strong

Steel is a long-lasting, reliable roofing material. It’s lightweight, which makes it perfect for renovations since roof trusses don’t need to be strengthened. Steel can also easily be molded to follow the shapes and angles of the roof.

Roof renovation basics

Steel roof basics

Why is a steel roof the best option for your new home? Learn about the structures and features of a steel roof and you’ll know why it’s the roof your home needs.

Getting started

So, your roof needs renovating. Where do you start? Read our step-by-step description of how a roof renovation works and you’ll know what to expect.

Why renovate?

Deteriorating looks and high maintenance are common reasons to renovate a roof. The extent of the renovation can vary from a quick paint job to replacing the whole roof. Are you aware of leakage, mold or insufficient insulation?

Homes with Ruukki roof

Browse our gallery and see how a brand new steel roof can give your whole house a new appearance. There are many colour and style options. Would some of these roofs match your home?
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Roof renovation faq

  • Can I still live in my house when the roof is being installed?
  • How to replace an asbestos roof with a steel roof?
  • How can I get correct roof measurements?

When you’re considering a roof renovation, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind. Don’t worry – our roofing professionals have already answered them on our FAQ page. Find all the relevant information about costs, maintenance, safety products and many other subjects.

See the roof renovation FAQ


The less trouble you need to go to, the better. Choose a Ruukki steel roof and you can get everything from the same place: roof sheeting, rainwater systems, roof safety products and installation. We also offer roofing with integrated solar energy panels. Would you be interested in a roof with energy generating capability?

Roofing sheets

Ruukki steel roofs protect your home under all circumstances. They are also extremely durable and timelessly stylish. Compare the different profiles and colours to find the best one for your home.

Rainwater systems

Ruukki rainwater systems ensure that water is channeled away from your building.


Finnera’s new and innovative design makes your roof not only beautiful but also extremely durable and practical.

Design your Dreamhouse

If you are curious how could your renovated house looks like with Ruukki roof, try our new visualisation tool and...

...Design your Dreamhouse!


Monterrey is one of our most popular tile effect roof designs, being a solid choice for the style-conscious home owner.

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If you are ready to buy, connect with us here. If you still have some questions about roof renovations or Ruukki roofs, you can either contact us by filling the form or find your nearest dealer.

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