Roof renovation process

Interested in getting a Ruukki roof and want to know more about the process? It takes no more than these eight steps to top your home with a brand new roof.


Connect with your nearest Ruukki dealer or roof master by calling us or filling in the contact form. A Ruukki roof dealer will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Evaluation visit

A roof master comes to evaluate the condition of the roof, to discuss about the details of the project and to take measures. The evaluation visit is free of charge.


During his visit, the roof master gives you a fixed-price quotation with a price guarantee.


When the quotation is accepted, it’s time to sign the contracts.


Ruukki delivers all the necessary structures and equipment to the site before starting the installation. 


Ruukki installation crew deconstructs the old roofing and install all the new elements: understructures, roofing sheets, water systems and other equipment. 


When the renovation is finished, Ruukki crew cleans up the site and takes away the construction waste. 

Inspection and release

The roof renovation process ends with a final inspection and you are given a release certificate. After that the new roof is ready to protect your home!

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