Frequently asked questions

We gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about our roof products and roofing in general. See if you find an answer for the question on your mind.

Roof renovation faq

Our staff has a long experience in roof renovations, and they’ve gathered the most frequent problems and questions to help you with your renovation process. If you’re renovating, these answers might be worth reading even if you don’t have a particular question in mind.

New building faq

Are you building a house? Choosing the right roof and installing it by the book can be difficult, but with our Q&A package you’ll overcome any challenge.


Roofing sheets

Ruukki steel roofs protect your home under all circumstances. They are also extremely durable and timelessly stylish. Compare the different profiles and colours to find the best one for your home.

Document library

If you need specific information about products, installation or maintenance, check out our document library for all the instructions or brochures you need. We are also proud to present our environmental and quality certificates here.

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