Why to renovate


Does your roof look aged or outdated?

Your roof may look aged or outdated, the colour might be fading or perhaps you just want your house to look nicer than your neighbour’s.

Sometimes, simply washing your roof is enough to fix the problem. In other cases, e.g. when having rust in the roof sheets, a new coat of paint may do the trick.

However, the tired and weary look of your roof might also be a sign of damage that needs to be repaired.


Does your roof require a lot of cleaning or do you need to paint it often?

Regardless of the material your roof is made from, it still needs a little maintenance once in a while. We recommend that you check your roof at least twice a year. If you have to clean and repair your roof more frequently, there might be something wrong.

Living with a steel roof is easy. Compared to e.g. concrete tile roof or bitumen roof, dirt and grime don’t adhere to steel roofs and moss growth is minimal. A steel roof is easy to wash when needed and it will hold up in all weather conditions.

Timely renovations to your roof are far better than acting only when major problems occur. If you have any problems with your roof, we advise that you act immediately. Postponing your decision may lead to considerably greater expense resulting from, for example, possible leak and mould damage to your house. It is always better to act before it is too late.


Does your roof leak or gather moisture?

Water damage on interior walls and in the roof understructure is usually a sign that your roof needs immediate leak repair and/or your rainwater system is not channelling water away from the house as it should.

The reasons behind these problems are often easy to detect, so check your roof for damaged and loose or missing screws, inadequate flashing and other clearly visible problems. You should check your roof on a regular basis, since rapid changes in the weather can often have an effect on brackets and fastenings.

Remember also to check that your roof’s understructure is properly ventilated. Poor air circulation combined with moisture can cause serious mould problems.

If you detect serious problems with damaged parts or moisture, contact our professionals for more information on how you can best take care of your roof.


Have you considered improving the insulation for your roof?

Insulation is a vital part of your house: good insulation and airtight structures keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Proper insulation also affects the energy costs of heating and air conditioning.

Detecting inadequate insulation during the winter time is easy. If you see icicles hanging from the eaves or patches on the roof without snow, your roof is losing heat, which means you need to improve your insulation.

Improving your roof’s insulation can be done most efficiently, saving time and money, by combining this work with a total roof renovation.

Is your roof unsafe?

You must have working and functional safety products on your roof to guarantee secure access. Maintaining your roof is safe when you have all the necessary equipment in place. Roof safety products include ladders, roof bridges and snow guards.

Snow guards prevent snow and ice from falling off your roof onto people below, and ladders serve as essential emergency routes in case of fire. In some countries, certain roof safety products are required by law to be a part of your roof, so remember to check this with your local authorities.

Go through each of your roof safety products (ladders, roof bridges and snow guards) and make sure that they are not hanging off your roof and they are firmly attached to the roof. Also check any other accessories you may have on your roof, making sure  they are all fixed properly in place.

Remember: appropriate safety products are intended to protect you, your roof and other people as well.


Does you roof contain hazardous or dangerous materials?

Roofing materials with asbestos were widely used until the 1980s, so many houses and public buildings today still have roofing materials that contain asbestos.

Roofing materials with asbestos are not dangerous if they are in good condition. If you suspect that your roof has materials that contain asbestos, contact our professionals for advice before starting your roofing project.

Renovating or demolishing an old roof can expose people to harmful asbestos fibres. Asbestos can cause serious health problems, especially to the lungs. When it comes to demolishing an asbestos roof, always use professionals.

Some countries also offer financial assistance when renovating an asbestos roof. Contact your local authorities or our professionals for more information.


Are you selling your house and want a better price for it?

A new roof will improve the visual appearance of your whole house. Having your roof renovated before selling your house may also increase the number of interested buyers and shorten the selling time of your home.

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